Capacity Building for Iraqi Judges

Training course on international humanitarian law and international criminal law

Introduction: This training course aims to deepen the knowledge and expertise of key members of the Iraqi judiciary in the areas of International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law. This expertise is vital given the nature of Da’esh crimes in Iraq, and in light of the possibility that there will soon be new legislation in Iraq domesticating these crimes.

UNITAD is pleased and proud to have assembled a group of lecturers from around the world who are not only eminent experts, but also all Arabic speakers. Twenty lectures will be available, organized into the Basic and Advanced courses, each consisting of ten lectures, followed by an inter-active online discussion session with participants.

The Basic Course will cover such key topics as classification of hostilities and persons; the definition of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity; modes of participating in international crimes; superior responsibility; fair trial rights under international law; and Islamic Law of war and Islamic criminal law.

The Advanced Course includes direct participation in hostilities; targeting individuals; targeting objects; detention in armed conflict; armed conflict and international human rights law; Implementation of international humanitarian law; terrorism as an international crime; defenses to international crimes; national prosecution of international crimes; and sentencing in international practice.

This course has been made possible through the generous support of the Government of Denmark.

The course director is Professor Kevin Jon Heller, of Australian National University, and UNITAD’s liaison, who has a general responsibility for capacity building, is Mohamed Ibrahim.


Schedule – Basic IHL

Syllabus – Basic IHL  



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