Engaging Iraqi Communities

Engaging Iraqi Communities


The support and cooperation of all actors in Iraq remains fundamental to its ability to deliver on its mandate. To this end, the Investigative Team continues to prioritize its communication and engagement with national authorities, affected communities, religious bodies and other relevant entities so as to further secure them as partners in the work of the Team.

Working in Partnership with all Elements of Iraqi society


The Team's engagement with all communities in Iraq affected by the crimes of ISIL continues, with a view to ensuring that the activities UNITAD undertakes reflect their experiences and needs. 

Reflecting this, the Special Adviser continues to prioritize the development of relationships with a broad range of key national actors, meeting with survivors, senior government officials, civil society groups and members of Christian, Shia, Sunni, Turkmen Shia, Shabak, Kaka’i and Yazidi communities.

Engaging Religious Leaders 

Engaging Tribal Leaders