UNITAD Psychosocial Experts Provide Training sessions for Yazidi Survivors Network

UNITAD WPSU psychology team continues to actively contribute to enhancing the technical capacity of Iraqi NGOs working with victims and survivors of ISIL. Through a series of sessions, WPSU psychology team is providing training to the Yazidi Survivors Network, a project coordinated by Yazda Organization.  

The training modules that are delivered online focus on a number of knowledge and skills that support victims and survivors. They are tailored to the needs of the Network and are in line with international best practices and the ‘no-harm principle’.


03 May 2021 - What is Trauma and How Does it Affect Body and Mind?

This session included psychoeducation on mental and physical symptoms associated with trauma, such as dissociation, and techniques to better deal with them. The objective of this module is to help survivors understand, recognize and manage their symptoms as well as confront shame, confusion, and the stigma associated with traumatic experiences.


04 May 2021 - Cyberbullying and Technology Awareness for Improved Psychological and Physical Safety

If not responsibly handled, the use of messaging apps, social media and other means of e-communication can be a source of harm: cyberstalking, cyberbullying, violation of privacy, improper information and image sharing may damage survivors’ sense of safety, self-image and self-esteem. Furthermore, survivors may be particularly vulnerable to such threats as a result of their traumatic experience. This training engages participants into a discussion about the issue of online interactions and equips them with education and tools to better prevent and cope with technology-related-harms.


05 May2021 - Psychoactive Medications

In this training, UNITAD psychiatrist offers psychoeducation on psychoactive medication, possible psychophysical reactions and side effects. The objective is to promote a more informed and responsible consumption. 


11 May 2021 - Psychosocial Support for Trauma Survivors

This skill-based workshop for staff will address the impact of trauma and facilitate conversations by creating a safe space for disclosure. The objective is to provide Yazda staff with tools and tips to facilitate supportive conversations on the topic of trauma and trauma-related issues such as shame, guilt and taboos amongst survivors.