UNITAD Returns to Anbar

Special Adviser Karim A. A. Khan QC, and UNITAD IRAQ team members joined #Iraqi counterparts from the Medico Legal Directorate (MLD) and the Mass Graves Directorate (MGD) to conduct an initial visit of a mass grave site north of Ramadi. Surveying of the crime scene took place along with discussions on approaches to victim identification, relying on equipment previously donated by UNITAD to MLD and MGD that facilitates rapid DNA analysis.

During his visit to a mass grave site the Special Adviser listened to leaders of the Al-Bou Nimr tribe, and informed them of an investigative unit recently established to specifically focus on crimes #ISIL committed against Sunnis in Iraq. He also mentioned that UNITAD is working to enhance the capacity of the Iraqi judiciary to build case files for War Crimes Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide, highlighting how crimes committed at this site could potentially fit under this initiative.

During an interview with Al Arabiya, Special Adviser Khan underlined that every community in Iraq, including the Sunni community, was targeted by Daesh. "Investigations to establish what happened, and ensure accountability, is essential", he noted.