Promoting accountability throughout the world


While UNITAD’s mandate supports domestic efforts in Iraq, it also promotes accountability for ISIL crimes throughout the world and supporting prosecutions in third States with competent jurisdictions.

UNITAD has engaged in promoting accountability throughout the world by:

  • Disrupting jurisdictional safe havens through supporting prosecutions of ISIL perpetrators in third States;
  • Participating in numerous international conferences, workshops and meetings related to accountability efforts; and
  • Organizing special events in partnership with Iraqi embassies abroad to present the work done to advance accountability for core international crimes committed by Da’esh/ISIL.

Support to prosecutions in third States

In line with its mandate, UNITAD has provided support to third State jurisdictions prosecuting Da’esh/ISIL perpetrators for their international crimes in Iraq.

To date, the Team has supported requests for assistance from 20 third States with competent jurisdictions to prosecute ISIL international crimes in Iraq. This demand for third States support has grown exponentially over the past years.

So far, the Team has supported 17 cases in third State jurisdictions that were under investigation and led to indictments. 15 of these cases ended up in convictions of ISIL members or affiliates.

Examples on these convictions include:

Organizing Special Events aimed at promoting accountability for ISIL crimes globally

In partnership with the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and working closely with Iraqi Embassies abroad, UNITAD organized a series of joint special events, to highlight the role of Iraq, in particular, the work of the Iraqi judiciary, in promoting accountability for ISIL crimes. The events also helped shed light on the unique cooperation between UNITAD and Iraq.


  • Special Event: ISIL’s Use of Chemical Weapons: Global Threat, an event co-hosted with the Permanent Missions of Iraq and India to the United Nations at United Nations Headquarters in New York in June 2023. It presented investigative updates on the Team’s findings, and expert presentations pertaining to ISIL’s development and deployment of Chemical Weapons, especially in relation to the attacks on Taza Khurmatu in March 2016.
  • Special Event: Ensuring Global Accountability for ISIL Financing. Held in December 2021 at United Nations Headquarters in New York, UNITAD and the Governments of Iraq and Germany hosted a discussion amongst Member States and international experts addressing how those who profited from ISIL crimes in Iraq, including acts that may constitute international crimes, can be held accountable.

The event pointed to the need for accountability in this area to solidify the prevention and deterrence of future Da’esh/ISIL activities.

  • Special Event: Security Council Arria Formula Meeting on Delivering accountability through innovation and partnership, focusing on how breakthrough approaches to the use of technology and innovations in the engagement of witnesses and survivors can enhance investigations of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide globally.